#CIPD12 Social isn’t new and it’s not about technology

I’ve bumped into quite a number of HR people at this conference who have said

I’m not technical, I’m more of a people person, so I don’t do Twitter/read blogs/do online HR stuff.

If you are of that opinion I guess you aren’t reading this blog.  But just in case, here’s why I think that you have misjudged things.  I’d love to change your mind.

Imagine we were living at the time when printing on paper started to become mainstream.  I bet there were people saying

I’m not a paper person, I don’t do this ‘reading’ thing.  I prefer to talk to people, I’m more of a people person. Continue reading

#CIPD12 links & stuff from my session

Supercharged enriched networkThis post is for anyone who was at the session I did today at the Social Media Hub in the CIPD Exhibition.

I mentioned a whole number of blogs and other things, so if you are interested in looking at those websites, here are the links.

Sinead Carville – she’s a fab HR Manager based over the water in Ireland.  She was meant to do this #CIPD12 slot but was unable to make it.  So please pop onto Twitter and connect up with Sinead.

My Hell is Other People. The first blog that made me sit up and take notice, and realise that blogs could be relevant, real, foul mouthed, brilliant, fun, useful, thought provoking. Continue reading