Owls, bikes, and monks

We’re just back from a weekend in Leeds, where we did some owl spotting as well as going to a film festival. (Owls are the city emblem).



The touring Banff Film Festival was visiting Leeds.  It’s early on in the UK tour, so if you like mountains & outdoor activities, then there’s plenty of time to catch it.  Lots of short films are shown in quick succession, ranging from 3 minutes to 40 minutes in length.

Our favourites were The Ridge, which is a stunning short video of a guy mountain biking on the Cuillin Ridge in Skye.  I’m not that into mountain biking films, but this is truly jaw dropping – both in scenery and the skills of the rider.

My second favourite was a film called Tashi and the Monk.  This was a longer film about a childrens’ home in the Indian Himalayas, and a particularly naughty little girl.  This is a short trailer.