Mug reunion

The kidnap finally came to an end after a harrowing 8 days. On Wednesday a parcel was delivered to the reception area. Inside it was the poor hostage, unharmed but a little shaken, and all my ransom payments.

The cunning kidnapper has not owned up (I know who you are!) but its very good to have my mug back.


Mug rescuers required

I have a lucky mug. It was given to me in 2008 by my lovely colleagues, when I left Bath Spa University.  It has a picture of the team on it. A great leaving present.

On a fairly regular basis I lose my mug.  Everyone gets fed up of my searches which start off with me accusing several innocent bystanders and usually end up in me finding the mug tucked away in my own food drawer. (Everyone needs a food drawer – who needs to file paper anymore?)

On Tuesday last week I arrived in work to find a sealed envelope on my keyboard. Inside was a photograph of my mug.  I had a quick check in my food drawer.   No mug.  We were in a kidnap situation!  Continue reading