About me

flora marriottI divide my life into pre and post 2013.  Before 2013, the biggest focus of my life was my career, which was in learning & development.  Then in 2013, I embarked on a long walk of 1,200 miles, from Lands’ End to John O Groats, which I called “Isles of Wonder”.  The walk changed everything.  In a good way.  I still earn a living in the same field of specialism, and am good at what I do.  But my life is far healthier in so many ways.  I will try to keep it so, and I thoroughly recommend going on a longish walk.  This blog is my personal on and off diary.  It starts in 2012, and reflects my preoccupation with what I did for a living, then it becomes a diary of my walk. The post walk blog posts have been rather more sporadic and random – which is down to the fact that I am getting on with the very important task of living my life to the full.  Part of that involves doing far too much sporty stuff, so sorry for the recent blog posts about my various exploits, and part of it involves working for the fab Smith+co who do incredible work in improving customer experience for businesses.

If you want to read about the Isles of Wonder walk, then click on the menu button, where you’ll see all the blog posts collated – unfortunately in reverse order.  Sorry!