The Magic Run


Sooner or later, comes The Magic Run.  Mine was today.  I had a meeting in Sheffield last night.  So I got up before the crack of dawn this morning and drove out to Stannage Edge in the Peak District.  Sheffield, pre dawn, was snuggled up under a blanket low cloud.  Driving out of town, I emerged into the open moors, and clear skies.  It was minus 3 degrees, as I got out of the car, and ran along the gritstone cliff that is Stannage Edge.  It was crispy and frosty underfoot. Hard ground after all these months of slipping and sloshing and squelching.  And not a soul to be seen.  The sun rose.  Red grouse did their impression of being a wind up toy – swooping and cackling and then going quiet as if they needed winding up again. Hope Valley, far below, was wrapped up its woolly cloud.  Ten and a half miles slipped by.  And I ran. Happy. Grateful.

The Magic Run has it’s equivalent Magic Bike Ride, Magic Walk, etc.  Whatever you do, it’s worth persisting with the training, in order to experience The Magic Run every now and again.  For me, it’s getting up when most sane people are in bed, going somewhere I’ve never been before, and being on a path, not a road.  And it is getting lucky, getting that sweet spot in the training diary when for some reason, the running feels easy and joyful.

When and where was your last Magic Run? (or walk, ride….?)


5 thoughts on “The Magic Run

  1. Walking the Long Mynd, reaching the plateau and being surrounded by drifts of purple heather as far as the eye could see. Magic! Your enthusiasm is, as always, infectious and the photos are lovely. May you have many more such moments.

  2. Mine was the same day, 11th March, just such fabulous weather. Got up at 6 and went down to Spurn Point to see the damage of the December tidal surge. Parked at the Blue Bell, and walked all the way down. On the way down no one, on the way back diggers and men doing I am not sure what. Sea and river – just gorgeous – and deer.

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