I recently listened to Sir Ken Robinson on Desert Island Discs. He would definitely be on my list of ultimate dinner party guests. I think he’s amazing. Anyway, he said that life is all about improvisation. Things come up and we make decisions and turn down different paths. Its an experience unique to each one of us.

I think that an important part of that improvisation is to be open minded enough to consider opportunities as they come up.

I always said I’d never run a marathon. I have never been interested in doing one, not even a half marathon. The only running events I’ve ever run are 10ks. (Just over 6 miles).

About 4 years ago I met Alison Chisnell at an HR event. I feel very lucky to now count her as a close friend. She’s an amazing person – bold, brave, fun, positive. Oh, and as I found out to my cost when she whipped me at 3d Connect Four, she’s just as competitive as I am. br />

A week ago she asked me if I would run a marathon with her. And to my surprise I found myself wanting to abandon my “I’ll never run a marathon” rule.

So we are going to run the 2014 Brighton Marathon together. It’s on April 6th.

My decision was also helped by the fact that I’ve done this very long walk. On my longest day I walked 34 miles, with a rucksack with tent etc, and over an 800m pass. So I’m confident I can potter along for 26.2miles, somehow or other. I know now that big scary things aren’t so impossible when you get closer up to them. And also I know that I am capable of more than I realise, on occasion.

“To my amazement, at so many stages along the way [in life], the limits that I thought I could see in the distance, dissolved as I approached them. They turned out not to be real at all, but mere assumptions”. (Chrissie Wellington – also on my dream dinner party list)

As Alison has said, we both know of other people who are more restricted, health-wise. I want to do stuff like this whilst I can. And though doing it, if I can help others in a small way, then that makes me happy.

I have a dear friend who has MS. It is a really difficult neurological condition, for which the causes and how to best treat it are not yet fully understood. So I’m running the Brighton Marathon in aid of the MS Society. I would of course absolutely be so grateful for any donations, however small. I am conscious that I have only just finished one lot of fundraising, but I do promise I won’t pester you on a yearly basis for sponsorship. Here’s the link to my JustGiving page.

Thank you Alison, for giving me the opportunity to improvise and find a new path.

Dear Reader, I’d be interested to know if you’ve ever had your mind set against doing something, and then suddenly found that things had changed and you felt differently.

8 thoughts on “Improvising

  1. You’ll walk it (not literally, of course)
    What I love is the power of a friendship to help us try something new or do something positive we swore blind we wouldn’t/ couldn’t do.
    Big luck & love to you both. powerful & joyful pair that you are. x

  2. Am I surprised that you have overturned your decision never to run a marathon? No, of course not – it was just a matter of time before you came up with a new challenge, and it looks like this is it! Delighted to hear that your sponsorship is going to the MS Society; I too have a personal interest as my sister has advanced MS. Run like the wind dear friend, my thoughts will be with you and Alison all the way.

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