Wrong shoes

Long time no blog post.  Since I posted last the total amount I – you – raised for Mending Broken Hearts has increased to £4,300.  I’m really grateful and very pleased.

I20131105-215610.jpg‘ve just got out on good behaviour for a long weekend of walking.  My friend Steven and I had 3 days in the Peak District.  Three wet and windy days.  But lots of laughs and wonderful autumn scenery.   20131105-215519.jpgYesterday the bad weather cleared and I nipped up to the Lake District and was lucky enough to skip around the Fairfield Horseshoe in brilliant sunshine, see a temperature inversion, and get to tread on my first snow and ice of the winter.  It was awesome.  Really a brilliant hill day.  From the top, which is 873m high, I could see Cross Fell in the distance.   Cross Fell is the hill that defeated me several months ago, so it was great to actually see the thing out of the clouds.

The view south from Fairfield to Windermere

The view south from Fairfield to Windermere

Little Flora with Hellvelyn in the background

Little Flora with Hellvelyn in the background









Then today I drove down to Manchester, because this week I’m part of a team of people who are writing blog posts and tweeting at the UK’s major people management conference, the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition.  I’m looking forward to it as it is a chance to hear some interesting speakers, to hear new ideas, and to meet old friends and make new ones.  If you want to hear about the conference from the safety of your desk or sofa, you can read about it on the CIPD blog, or by following #CIPD13 on Twitter.   My Manchester visit has started really well as I got to attend a separate event today, which was hosted at BBC North.  We had a really interesting talk, and also got a tour, the highlight of which was seeing the BBC Breakfast studio.  I’m afraid several of us regressed to age 10 in delight at seeing all the cameras and that big red sofa.

Me and Ian Pettigrew posing for all we are worth

Me and Ian Pettigrew posing for all we are worth

What else has happened since July?  One thing is I have discovered that my body is a different size than it previously was.  I had to give away all my walking and running shoes, as my feet turned out to be a size 7, and not a 6.  Wish I’d known that before I started the big walk.  It would have made for fewer foot pains!  My advice to anyone starting out on a long walk is to go to Profeet in London and get your feet measured and gait analysed.  Do it before you set out, not after.

When I got back from the walk I wrote that I wanted to keep my fitness up.  I have done that and more.  Since July I’ve hiked another 108 miles, I’ve run 102 miles and I’ve cycled 812 miles.  I’m a lot fitter than when I finished the walk.  Which seems like an odd thing to say.  But I think what happened was that the walk reconnected me with my love of sports, being outdoors and being fit.  Which was one of the aims.  I had wanted to get out of my sedentary rut.

I’ll bring news on the job front when I’ve some to report.  In the meantime, if anyone is looking for an L&D Manager/Head of with lots of energy, imagination, and the ability to inspire and bring people together, I’m your woman.

15 thoughts on “Wrong shoes

    • Gosh the Sahara is a hell of a place to learn a shoe lesson. I also have the problem of shrinking 4 clothing sizes. A nice problem but a bit expensive. I’d love to swap stories. I saw Lisa Scales at the CIPD conf yesterday and we literally spent 10 minutes excitedly talking carbon bikes (as opposed to silver bullets and burning platforms and tangible takeaways).

      • Lummox – now that’s a word that needs reviving 🙂
        Hey, everything is relative. I met someone yesterday who ran 5 marathons in 6 days recently. I think that our limits and ambitions are exactly that: ours. Thanks for the comment Julia, and go for it with those reeboks!

  1. Oh how lovely to read your sunny blogs again! Crikey! You’re a full blown athlete! Impressed and humbled am I!
    Hope the conference went well – and good luck with the job hunting – someone is going to be very, very lucky…….

    • Hi Shona! If there’s one thing I’ve learnt this year it is that I don’t do anything by half. I suppose everyone else knew that about me but it’s really sunk in.
      The conference was super, and thank you for the encouragement re the job situation. Much appreciated. I do hope you are well and nicely busy. I will phone next week.

  2. Hi Flora,

    Great to see you at the conference- wow those days went in a blur. Think I was suffering cognitive overload by the end! But want great fun. My highlight catching up with you in the flesh, not just via you wonderful writing.

    All the best with the job hunt.
    Anita x

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