John O Groats, 1186 miles!

More to come later, but here’s a quick update.

I DID IT. I have walked the length of the British mainland. Land’s End to John O Groats. My feet have trodden roughly 1186 miles. It’s taken 88 days of walking and also I’ve had 7 rest days.

I am going to finish my journey in the Shetland Isles, but I won’t walk up through the island chain. I’ll walk in a few circles instead. I feel quite fulfilled already in terms of achieving something out of the normal day to day stuff.

I’ll post more thoughts on the walk later. Right now I’m as happy as those skylarks that have sung to me for several months now. days. I feel alive and I feel privileged and grateful to have seen this country close up from on foot. Sounds corny but to me these truly are Isles of Wonder.



52 thoughts on “John O Groats, 1186 miles!

    • Thanks Glynne. I’m ever so pleased that people have enjoyed reading about my journey. It’s been a real pleasure to write about it and take photos. Now, if I’d had you with me as official photographer I’d have done amazing pics. 🙂

  1. Brilliant stuff Flora!

    Terrific achievement!

    John, Ali and Ailsa ( who was 6 when you started and 7 when you finished!)

  2. Feel so proud and humbled to know such an amazing lady. This is the human spirit at its best.It’s been great to follow your story. As Alison says above – brilliant – just bloody brilliant!

    • I’m really grateful for your encouragement Alan.
      There’s no book to sign now, since the hotel is being made into holiday flats. There’s a sort of book at the tourist info but no one I’ve met had signed it, so I guess people don’t know it s there.
      Still, I did the obligatory sign photo.

  3. “Congratulations” doesn’t seem fulsome enough for your achievement but that’s what we want to say! Enjoy the Northern Isles. If you can get to Fair Isle, it’s worth it. It’s only 3 miles long so should be a hop and a skip for your feet! Well done! Will miss your brilliant blogs. Mike and Helen (on Island Drifter in Hovden, Bo)

  4. Many, many congratulations, Flora. You are a truly remarkable lady and should feel justifiably proud of your amazing achievement. I guess it’s now back to ironing Ian’s underpants! Lots of love, Liz and Tony x

  5. Congratulations!!! Truly an amazing journey and well deserved euphoria after 88 days and only 7 days of rest….. Wowza! So pleased you shared your trip with all of us!! Many of my friends and family have asked about you! sending proud hugs from Charleston, South Carolina & Boone, NC! Xxx

    • Thanks Em!!! Wasn’t it fab that you and Steve were there right at the start. It seems so long ago now. Every time I think of us filming Little Flora it brings a grin to my face. xx

  6. Well done …. I’ve been following your progress online sporadically. You passed close by a couple of times – in Linlithgow – and also Corrour Bothy! I cycled there from Linn of Dee and climbed Devil’s Point etc the weekend before you passed through. My (more leisurely) challenge is completing a second round of Munros – 25 to go …,

  7. Flora ….and Little Flora – BRILLIANT!!!! What an achievement, and written up in such an easily digestible manner too! Enjoy the rest of your walk in whatever way you fancy. Well done to your support team too – Ian and Celeste, and your friends who walked with you. We are SO pleased for you…..words even fail Gordon and Amber!

    • Well I’m sure that the latter stages of my walk went extra well due to Gordon’s excellent curry. It was so nice to see you both. Thank you ever so much for all your encouragement. x

  8. WOWEEEEEE….. sorry we have not had chance to talk. Congratulations – utterly thrilled for you – what an achievement Flora Marriott!!! Mum and dad send love and congratulations too. Big snuggel from Jack too xxx

  9. Wow! Well done Flora, what a fantastic achievement. Hopefully catch up real soon and look forward to hearing about all your adventures.

  10. Well done Flora you truly are ‘Superwoman’ and little Flora too. I’m so glad we were able to share a little bit of your adventure. We have loved reading your blog (please make it into a book!) can’t wait for the next chapter…….. Annette,Tony and Bobby xxx

  11. Hi Flora,

    A little late in our congratulations on your achievement – you might be back in Lands End by now!
    Seriously, congratulations from Bernadette and me. Also well done to Ian (and all your friends) for being so supportive.

    Mel x

    • Hi Mel and Bernadette,
      You are not late at all. And thank you also for your encouragement. I can’t wait to see you and catch up. Ian has his owl flying still to book so we will definitely visit Derbyshire in the next few months.

  12. You did it!! Well done, what an amazing achievement. You must be very proud of those little feet of yours 🙂

  13. A bit late but congratulations Flora. What an achievement – truly amazing! I hope returning to normality will be smooth and fulfilling, best wishes, Polly xxx

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