Three videos

Here are a few little videos.

Firstly two teeny clips showing the incredible variety of landscape we have here within short distances. From this, in the Cairngorms…

To this, only 30 miles or so further north…

Finally here is another of my home made efforts. Some photos from the last few days. I take rather more pictures when the sun is shining. Which probably gives you the impression it’s permanently bathed in golden light up here. I think my luck is about to run our in the next day or so, but the weather since I crossed the border has been wonderful. Some grey days, but virtually none of the wet stuff. Thus far!

11 thoughts on “Three videos

  1. I am always amazed by these videos done on a phone! The first two of this little batch have their own, real sound track so you get the sounds of the walk – crunchy snow followed by the clickety clatter of stones and then a near silent whisper of a bit of grass. Fab. Love Alex

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