Guess what?!

I have walked ……


Today I walked to Tomatin, which happens to have a distillery. Ian popped in and purchased a bottle of malt, so that we can toast the occasion. I’m a bit amazed that I’ve walked this far. My Swedish granny would have said, “NEJ!!! Can it be TRUE??!!” Strange as it seems to me, it would appear to be true. Quite something.

I’m afraid to say though, that Little Flora has had a dram too many.


35 thoughts on “Guess what?!

    • Hello Mary and Tez, this is the life – Ian’s slaving over the stove whilst I faff about with my blog and sup a dram, listening to the Saturday evening ceilidh programme on Radio Scotland. Too bad he drives back south tomorrow. Celeste is better than any 5* hotel 🙂
      Please thank Tez for his concern over Little Flora’s condition. We have sent her to bed before she embarrasses us. We have an Italian motorhome next to us, so a rowdy out of control elephant is the last thing we need. x

  1. Oh poor little flora, jack will not approve!!! Omg!!!!!!!! 1000 miles… Phenomenal… Well done and well deserved. How are your feet holding up and joy? Xx

  2. 1000 miles….and you look less tired than I do after I have walked 1000 yards!!! Fantastic achievement! We will have a whisky to say “Slainte”….then maybe another wee one to say Slainte to Little Flora too xx

  3. Then a thousand congratulations. We remain awestruck at your achievement and are proud to know you – a great lady with immense determination – and lovely with it. With love, Liz and Tony

  4. Well done Flora!
    I’ve been following your progress and I’m mighty impressed!

    Good luck for the final leg.

  5. Enjoy. I have tasted that dram myself, but never as deservedly as you. In fact I don’t think I’ve experienced anything as deservedly as you – Slainte Mhath!!

  6. So impressed and proud of my amazing sis! Yep enjoy the last leg over high ground. i expect there’ll be many spectacular sights. Look forward to following. xx

  7. Brilliant Flora !! Puts us all to shame on the walking front and the blogging front too – just so brilliant on both accounts. And little Flora – reminds me of the line in the song, “I had a little drink about an hour ago and its gone right to my head” (funnily enough the last time I sang that was after cycling away from a distillry on the Orkneys on a tandem, say no more!). Hope she had one for me xx

  8. Hello Flora,
    Haven’t quite got the hang of my iPhone so not sure you’ll get this!
    Just had to have a go to congratulate you on such an amazing achievment. What a star! I Hope that you are warm as it has been freezing here today. Look forward to seeing you soon and hearing more about it.
    Love from us both. C and R xx🍰🍷🍫🍷

    • Hello both! Yes, I’ve got your lovely message. Thank you ever so much. And well done for your technological wizardry 🙂
      I’m looking forward to catching up in person before too long.
      Weather was ok here today. I ambled along in shorts and t shirt. Although it has to be said that no one else I saw was dressed quite so scantily.

  9. Very impressed – that’s a long way!

    Though if you stop off at every distillery you pass heading north, you might be some time…


  10. We have a bottle of malt brought specially from Malton to Derby for you for when you visit. We’ll raise a glass to you then!

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