Peak District to Pennines photos

Here are the photos I meant to include in my last post.

20130514-165834.jpgme and nice cows in Derbyshire

20130514-165935.jpgcrossing into Yorkshire!

20130514-170010.jpgcrossing the M62

20130514-170040.jpgFour walkers who my sister and I walked with for an hour or two. They bought us a drink too!

20130514-170220.jpgOn the moors….




20130514-170353.jpga narrow path!


20130514-170434.jpgfierce weather

20130514-170512.jpgmy Kit Kat and satsuma pudding

20130514-170545.jpgHaworth Youth Hostel

7 thoughts on “Peak District to Pennines photos

    • I think my current adventure is somewhat less gourmet than yours! However with my appetite I’m not too bothered, so that’s a good thing. I do love reading your food posts though.

  1. Looking at your photos, walking the straight & narrow has new meaning, as always, thinking about you…wishing you the best.

  2. The picture of the four guys – ‘Last of the Summer Wine’ come to my mind. I’ve re-named them, Compo, Clegg, Foggy and Truly. Hope Compo behaved himself!!!

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