Peak Peak day

Warm sun beamed down on me as I set off at eight thirty in the morning yesterday.  What a day.  Finally I was into the hills and sharp river valleys of the Peak District.  I was so glad I’d missed the Bank Holiday rush as I walked up a near empty Dovedale.  Apparently there were cars queuing for an hour the day before (Bank Hol Monday) to get into the car park there.  The three mile stretch from Dovedale to Milldale attracts a million visitors a year, according to Wikipedia.  Certainly, it looked as if there had been a festival there the day before.  I have no idea why a person would travel to a special beauty spot and then treat it like a landfill site. It was mainly the 3 mile, National Trust owned bit that was the worst. I passed beer bottles, dog poo bags, salad cartons, nappies, tissues, cigarette packets, crisp packets, and various items of clothing. 

That’s enough complaining. Otherwise it was stunning, and beyond that, into Biggin Dale, I passed a few groups of happy and chatty walkers. I passed hares in a field. There were banks of cowslips. I had no idea that the Peak District is so beautiful.  I do feel rather foolish.

At a small food kiosk place, the owner went into the back of her shop to find the biggest piece of lemon drizzle cake she had, as she felt I was deserving of a larger slice than the ones in the window.  Very cheering.

I re read some of Alan Sloman’s marvellously entertaining 2007 Lands End to John O’Groats blog the other day.  Mid day through the walk, Alan said something along the lines of ‘I’m wondering when this supposed fitness thing is going to kick in?’  I’ve felt that too. I’ve always looked forward to walking, and have managed it easily enough, baring some achey feet issues.  But I’ve never felt fresh and bouncing with energy.  Finally, yesterday, I felt great, and covered the 18 or 19 miles with a spring in my step.  And today is more or less a day off – I’m meeting my sister (really excited about that) – so we have just a couple of hours walking this afternoon. After that it’s only a day before we start the Pennine Way, which is another part of the walk that I have eagerly anticipated from the start.

Here are yesterday’s photos.

20130508-101351.jpgsupersized walkers may have issues here

20130508-101358.jpga guard cow



20130508-101430.jpgthe start of Dovedale

20130508-101439.jpgbank holiday rubbish

20130508-101453.jpgdog poo bag.  YUCK!!!!

A happy Flora at the famous Dovedale Stepping Stones20130508-101458.jpg




20130508-101524.jpgHmmm, not much chance of that today


20130508-101538.jpgThe symbol for the Limestone Way, which I sporadically follow at the moment


20130508-101548.jpgthe view north towards the high peaks and the beginning of the Pennine Way in the distance

8 thoughts on “Peak Peak day

  1. May the spring in your step continue for the rest of your wonderful walk, Flora!
    I’ve *just* finished packing my rucksack and am about to head out to catch the train to London for the trip up to Scotland for the TGO Challenge – so I’ll catch up with your lovely walk when i get back.
    All the very best of luck.
    Tight laces

  2. Flora, your blogs are terrific; each one brings a smile and a laugh. I’ve been saving them and reading them with Ailsa when she’s with me at weekends, her Geography knowledge is now officially the best in Class 2 at Egloskerry Primary, as we get the pre Sat Nav map out the car and trace your route and try to match pictures to where you’ve been, it’s been a real joy following you en route – keep it up, we almost feel as though we’re out ther with you, though I think I might have struggled with the “supersize” element of yesterday!

    Bit of a squeeze, me thinks!

    Take care.


    • John I’m delighted that my blog posts are providing entertainment – and education! It really is a beautiful country we live in, so if you get a flavour of how much I’m appreciating it, then I’m very happy. Please tell Ailsa well done for her geography progress!

  3. Love this post about one of my favourite stretches in Derbyshire. So niceto see you looking so healthy and with twinkle in your eye. Looking forward to catching up with you very soon. Xxx

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