Shropshire lambs

Just a quick blog post.

Shropshire has always been one my very favourite English counties. Walking though it I’ve been struck by how timeless it seems. And how quiet. I hope you get a flavour of that from these photos – below.

But first of all, a video. I’ve been wanting to take a lamb video for weeks, but the little dears keep scarpering off. My dad tried too, to no avail. Finally today, success! I met two characters who are clearly more extrovert than the rest. It’s not an epic film, but they are adorable.

Lastly, today I passed the 400 mile mark.

Right, here are the Shropshire photos. And a special visitor in the last one.
















5 thoughts on “Shropshire lambs

  1. Loved lamb vid. Your photos capture the atmosphere. How chic is Ian:)
    CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 400m mark. You are speeding along! X

  2. Hi Flora – I just happened upon your blog given I looked you up on LinkedIn as a suggested network contact from Richard Braybrook for Lominger/networking. I’ve recently set up my own business for some of the reasons you are doing the walk – to follow a dream and break away from the corporate shackles.
    I am very much an outdoor girl too and I am very inspired by your story and what you are doing, especially alone and for such a good course! It will form a huge part of this and the next chapter of your life I am sure.
    I guess you are 2 months into your 4 months and it looks like it is going well – hope the blisters are not too bad. Continued good luck and perhaps later in the year when your feet are more firmly in one place we could connect. In the meantime, I will enjoy following your blog – loved the lamb video – well done – even getting a picture is hard as they move so quick! Julia

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