Chased by a goose

Just when I needed to quickly undo a gate latch, and escape, I got all clumsy and struggled to get the damn thing open. Squawk squawk!!! A very territorial goose was closing in behind me.

I escaped and then took a quick video of the fierce bird.

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have the company of a friend, Cathy, who joined me as we walked up (there was lots of up) the Wye valley to Monmouth. Although both of us have been to Monmouth a number of times, we’d never chanced upon the Kymin before.
Isn’t that one of the great things about walking – you see things. Anyway, the Kymin consists of 2 follies (a temple and a dining room) built in on a hill in around 1800 as a celebration of British sea power and naval victories. We live in different times now but the view is every bit as glorious as back then. Monmouth, Sugar Loaf hill, and the Black Mountains, were spread out before us.



Today I’ve walked from Monmouth to Pandy, in bright warm sunshine. Shorts and T shirt weather. Offas Dyke Path took me through woods that were loud with bird song, soft rounded hills and fields, along the twisty River Trothy, past a 900 year old castle, and several venerable churches.


As well as being chased by a goose, I had a stand off with a very chunky ram. I won that one. It would seem that rams and cattle don’t worry me, but a little goose had me in a panic. Hmmm.

Here are a few more pictures from the last couple of days, starting with Monmouth. The statues are Henry V and Mr Rolls (of Royce fame), both of whom were born in Monmouth. The postbox is for Emily. And the gatehouse over the bridge is the only medieval building of that particular type left in the UK.















20130423-205023.jpg(Elephant conked out after 17 miles in the sunshine)

9 thoughts on “Chased by a goose

  1. Back with you, knee surgery went well, working with PT. Lovely walking, complete with farm animals, can never thank you enough for post. Take care, love Pat

  2. Did you try threatening the goose with Christmas, apple sauce or anything else that he would taste good with – I am not good with any animal attempting to do me damage and am nervous walking through fields even if the inhabitants are ignoring me! Love Alex

  3. Hi Flora, Your goose ‘incident’ reminds me of when I was chased (and pecked on the heels as I ran away!) when I was in Bengaluru (Bangalore) of all places! They apparently make good guard dogs and I can confirm that! Meanwhile, donkeys’ make good friends!
    M x

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