Dreich days on Exmoor

Somerset. I’ve reached my third county. I feel like I am making headway. I have also crossed the 200 mile mark. Since my last post I have left the gorgeous South West Coast Path, and the sea behind. I’ve struck out inland, heading east over Exmoor, headed towards Bridgewater and the Somerset Levels.

After all that sunshine I was starting to feel like I was immune to bad weather. Of course not.

So it’s been a tad damp over the last few days. Especially today. I tramped over the moors, near to Dunkery Beacon, but I’m afraid I saw very little. It was a day to be cocooned in my coat and waterproof clothes. I’m not complaining though. I have been happy as a hippo, and the miles have passed quickly. I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea though. Here’s the path at one point, and also my feet, which have vanished under the water.



When there have been views, it’s been really lovely. Soft rounded hills, ancient walls and hedges, wild Exmoor ponies. And not a soul around.




NB Who knows what ‘dreich’ means?!

16 thoughts on “Dreich days on Exmoor

    • Gold star and top prize!

      Glad it’s sunny and gorgeous with you. It will be here, at some point, and then I’ll really appreciate it. I don’t have my shorts with me right now anyway, so I’m not ready for sun yet.

  1. I love Exmoor. My parents used to live in Exmouth but my first experience was as a child when our school (in Oxfordshire) went on a field trip. Orienteering was the name of the game and of course my team got lost. Like you, it was wet and when we eventually arrived at base we looked like the cliched drowned rats.

  2. You’ll be glad of your Gewohl creams then! Ordered some on Thursday; parcel arrived Friday. And not only do I know what dreich means, I actually used the word myself today in wet, dreary, chilly Ipswich!

  3. Sorry you have had miserable weather and are now in the flat lands on railway lines reminiscent of around here! Has Celestine put in an appearance yet? Apologies for lack of contact. The house now has at last got its limecrete floor due to warmer weather and the hempcrete is due to start on Monday So things are moving at last! Keep going and let me know when you would like my company for a day.

  4. Welcome to Somerset Flora and thank you for the great posts. You always were an inspiration and continue to be so with this – I read everyone (and you know i have low attention span!) and enjoy it all.

    I do know the word dreich – I once worked with this seemingly grouchy Scotsman who taught me lots of scottish words, but he had (and continues to have) a heart of gold which was further melted by this woman called Flora 🙂

    Keep it up girl and if you’re near to Chew – call in for a cuppa and dry down

  5. Hi Flora,

    I know Exmoor really well – at least I do after once getting lost in the mist and dreary weather – brings back lots of memories including Dunkery Beacon! x

  6. Yes I like dreich too. Sounds so drizzly. Loved photos. Your drenched feet! Goodness. Wonder how you get shoes dry for the next day. 200 miles FAB! Keep it up! Liked your post on footcare. I think I’ll need some wonder cream when I join you:) xx

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