Foot care advertorial

It’s early days, but so far I’ve had no blisters. In fact I’ve not had any for the past few years. The secret is foot cream. How girly. But I swear by it. (Oh, and wearing shoes rather than big boots).

Here’s the advertorial for those few of you who may be mildly interested. I use two different foot creams. One in the morning and one when I finish walking for the day. It is a German brand called Gewohl.

The morning cream is thick and acts as a protective layer between my sock and my skin. You put it on right before putting your socks on. And the evening cream is a refreshing minty potion that feels amazing on tired feet. If its a really long hot day, then I stop and put more cream on halfway through the day. (Not had need of that yet!)


As you can see from the photo, I decant the cream into small containers, to cut down weight.

I cannot claim credit for discovering these marvellous goos. Bob Cartwright, who runs a terrific online shop, and makes excellent outdoorsy podcasts, is my guru in all such things.

9 thoughts on “Foot care advertorial

  1. We’ll definitely get some of it for walking in the Lofoten Islands…and elsewhere in Norway, of course! Island Drifter is going back into the water on Monday. xx

  2. I’ll get some for walking to my car to drive to work with a head filled with dreams that I’m really walking in the wilds. Oooooo, only 3 weeks til Skye and the Western Isles….definitely get some for that xxx

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