Glorious Cornwall

Emily and I have had a fabulous three days walking. I’m going to sound like a broken record, but the South West Coast Path really is incredible. I had no idea. Just look at this.


We completed a missing chunk of my walk, from Portreath to Porthcothan, and we’re now back with lovely Nancy in Port Isaac.
Which feels like home now. Today I’m so lucky because another great friend of mine is arriving, so the racket that Em and I made as we chatted and laughed our way along the trail will be amplified once we are three.

In one of my previous posts I mentioned that I make little videos with my phone, of my lucky mascot, Little Flora the elephant. The videos are for my nephew and niece, and three other charming small people. Anyway, there were some requests to post a Little Flora video. Here’s a snippet of one – it’s a failed attempt, as Emily hadn’t quite got the hang of her role in the production, and the poor elephant shook violently before we both collapsed, howling with laughter. The family picnicking nearby didn’t quite know what to make of us.

As well as jaw dropping coastal scenery, the other marvellous aspect of my walk so far has been meeting some wonderful people along the way. I’ve already mentioned Nancy, who was so kind when I had food poisoning. Then two days ago we were welcomed by the most hospitable couple, Bernard and Pat. We spent ages chatting and being shown a wonderful collection of model London buses, and felt that we left as friends. They asked me to phone when I get to Shetland – isn’t that great.

Here’s my latest homemade map…


7 thoughts on “Glorious Cornwall

  1. Wow! With the exception of the whole “tainted shellfish” thing, I’m incredibly envious. I’ll be following your journey…. good luck and it ain’t the big rocks in the way that’ll get you, it’s the little one in your shoe.

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