Back on the trail again


The day has finally come when I’m able to take off my nurse’s uniform and don my hiking shoes. I’m very grateful to be able to restart.

I’m back in Cornwall, with my dear friend Emily, who has flown over from Charleston, South Carolina.


Today was our first day walking, it and was beautiful, but with a really biting wind. One of those days when ALL your clothes are needed. I was wearing: woolly thermal leggings, windproof trousers, thermal base layer top, powerstretch fleece, insulated jacket. And a windproof fleece lined hat with a buff underneath it to keep my ears warm. Oh, and thick powerstretch gloves.

We worked out we burned about 2,800 calories in 6 hours. So we have been trying to be very diligent in scoffing plenty of food throughout the day. Right now I could eat a scabby horse. (Probably will end up doing that too).


10 thoughts on “Back on the trail again

  1. Glad you are back on the trail, Flora, because that means Ian is much improved! You& Emily look like you are having fun, despite the sexy gear! It’s so warm here, we got sunburned yesterday! M x

  2. Hurrah!!!!!!!! Flora I am sorry, I owe u a call…. Bad friend I am!!!! Sounds fabulous! Enjoy and your time with Emily!thank goodness for thermals! We had about five minutes of sunshine up here….. Got all expected as felt tropical!!! Then never saw sun again!!! Xxx

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