Porthcothan to Port Isaac photos

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8 thoughts on “Porthcothan to Port Isaac photos

  1. Beautiful, rugged and deserted. Must give you lots of time to think.

    I was there for a while years ago. I really must go back some time.

    Did you see Doc Martin? (sorry)

    • Well the embarrassing thing is that I had never heard of Doc Martin. Neither had Doug. Neither of us watch much telly. We are now enlightened. People visit the village from all over the world. Amazing.

  2. Andrew is bang on here, ‘Beautiful, rugged and deserted. Must give you lots of time to think.’ Thanks for allowing me to accompany you on a small step of your journey. It was fab, I feel very privileged to know such an adventurer.

  3. Loving all your pictures Flora! I’m glad you’ve been enjoying yourself – until you had to go back home and nurse your hubby. Well I hope he recovers soon and I’m looking forward to your next lot of blogs and snaps. Keep going and I wish you all the best with your onward journey, you’re one brave lady!

    • Ian, Peter, Sandra, Sukh, Doug…. thank you so much for your comments. I’m sorry for my tardy reply. I’ve had my hands full with my nurse’s uniform on. No date yet for my restart, but things are going better with my patient now, so I am full of hope.

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