The Shellfish Diet

Little did I realise before I started my walk that I would unwittingly stumble on the ingredients for the latest diet fad. I’m hoping to cash in with a book, dvd, and smartphone phone app very shortly.
But if you promise not to spill the beans, here’s a sneak preview of the secret 6 point plan to losing 10lbs in two weeks.

  1. Do plenty of hilly walking with a loaded rucksack.
  2. Pick up some flu/bug type symptoms that put you off your food and also give you trouble sleeping.
  3. Walk some more and run out of energy.
  4. Rest and eat.
  5. Walk a couple more days, feeling great.
  6. Go out for a lovely meal, choose mussels provencale. Get food poisoning.

It is possible that this is rather a niche sector of the diet book market.


Bad luck with mussels apart, I’ve absolutely loved the walking so far, and I’m now temporarily back home. It would have been lovely to do the entire walk in one continuous journey, but since that’s not been possible, one advantage of this way is that I’ve had a good preliminary test run. When I set off again I’ll be excited and confident about truly getting underway. A small selection of good things about the previous week are:

  1. The South West Coast Path. I had feared that I’d be wading through caravan parks, but so far it has been drop dead gorgeous. A coastal path may sound like a doddle, but in a days walking there are many sections that will involve as much ascent as our highest Lake District hills, and even some Scottish mountains. (Although the navigation is a lot easier. Keep the sea on your left – or right, depending on where you are heading).
  2. My friend Doug Shaw joined me for a couple of days. It was lovely to have some company.
  3. Being on my own has been a joy too.
  4. No blisters or sore feet.
  5. Penderris House B&B in Port Isaac – this homely and welcoming B&B has to get a mention as Nancy went above and beyond the call of duty in looking after me and Doug whilst I was poorly after the bad mussels. If you are staying in Port Isaac, or the Padstow area, give Nancy a buzz.
  6. Movie star

    Movie star

    Making videos of Little Flora the elephant for a few of my very young friends. No, I’m not posting the videos on here, but it is fun stopping along a footpath and shooting elephant videos, hoping all the while that no other soul stomps around the corner to see a bonkers woman talking to a small beanbag elephant.

Here’s another home made map of the last couple of days walking. Photo gallery blog post to follow. And I’ll log back on in a couple of weeks or so when I’m able to plan my restart (the date is dependent upon my husband deeming me redundant as his nurse as he recovers from a back op).

Map 2

17 thoughts on “The Shellfish Diet

  1. Go on Flora, post the elephant video. PLEASE.

    I often collect mussels across the way from Portmeirion. To date they have never made me ill. My only shellfish triggered episodes were with mussels bought from Sainsbury’s and prawns from Morrison’s. The prawns I have caught and cooked myself have always been fine.

    Looks like you are having a great time. I wonder if anything mysterious will happen along the way?

  2. So pleased that you also saw the ‘Dragon’ at the Rumps. It’s my favourite Sunday morning walk. Thanks also for the kind comments on the B&B. One cannot help but be nice to such charming guests! Enjoy the next leg!

  3. Did you walk through Mawgan Porth?? Or start just after there? That’s where our hol apartment is. Off there in a couple of weeks so may tread a few metres in your path towards Padstow!

    • Nancy, Jennie, Bernadette – thank you all for taking the time to comment. The tummy upset got me on a roll for losing some weight, so I’m rather pleased in a way. I’m now a stone lighter than when I set off for the start of the walk back in the beginning of February. So I’ll have less weight on my feet when I restart. Bonus!

  4. Hilarious! Love this diet!! Don’t you go losing anymore weight mrs, you will disappear… Keep eating cake you will need the carbs! Great to see you guys.. Looking forward to walking in may with you…x
    Ps third time lucky….from little miss technophobic!

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