Fifteen precious days


timerAs of this morning, I have 15 working days left until I leave my current job.  (At which point I am going to do my big walk).  Ever since I made my decision to go, at the end of October,  I’ve been increasingly aware of just how much I love my job.

I’m not having regrets about leaving.  It’s my decision. I just want to make the point that a notice period can be an immensely enjoyable experience.  Lots of my projects and have gone really well.  Really well.  And I have come to realise that I am so lucky to work with such a lot of great people.  I’ve worked in a number of companies and industries, and I can honestly say that there is a really special spirit about this one.

Having a finite period of time has sharpened my appreciation, and my focus.  Also a time limit makes for much less procrastination.  Either I bite the bullet and get on and do/say the thing I’m thinking of, or I delete the task.

I’ll leave with a huge amount of affection for this company. The first 6 months were frustrating for various reasons.  But the second 6 months have been increasingly fulfilling and I take a lot of joy from the experience.  People who can bring out the best in each other – that doesn’t happen every day in business.

From today I have a 3 week handover with a lovely new L&D Manager who is joining us to take over from me.  So I need to learn to let go and hand over!

With fifteen days left, I want enjoy every day as much as possible.  So if I whinge about my commute or feeling tired, slap me.

10 thoughts on “Fifteen precious days

  1. Wow Flora, that’s sounds amazing. Talk about a London 2012 legacy – sounds like you’re living it! Don’t know whether you plan to take an iPod of mp3 player with you, but this may feed the inspiration: – available from for under a tenner … it’s a great listen. And happy to share any tips for your Edinburgh stay and put you in touch with some other walkers.

  2. Fabulous post Florabunda 😉 A true delight to read, I love the spirit that you mention and how you’re choosing to partner with that to spend your last weeks so mindfully and impactfully. You will be sorely missed, but I have no doubt that you will have found a brilliant new spirit to carry the torch and add more flame. Looking forward to following you on “the walk of all walks!”


  3. Very pleased to have worked with you and will keep the culture flag flying – see you somewhere in the middle of nowhere x

    • Thank you Alan. I couldn’t bring myself to write/tweet anything in the few days leading up to starting. I just needed to start. Anyway, I have and I’m loving it, and the blog is duly updated. 🙂

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