My route

I made a little video explaining where I’m walking from and to and the trails I’ll be following. (Warning, this is probably the rubbish quality video ever).  

In terms of timings, here’s a rough outline. In reality things may obviously change. My main aim is to thoroughly enjoy the whole experience, so I don’t intend to stress myself out or get injuries in trying to reach a certain place by week 5, or whatever.

  • Mid Feb: A circular walk on the Scilly Isles!  14 miles 🙂
  • Mid Feb: South West Coast Path from Lands End to Barnstaple  240 miles
  • Early March: Various paths from Barnstaple to Chepstow  140 miles
  • Mid March: Offas Dyke path from Chepstow to Knighton 80 miles
  • Late March: Various paths from Knighton to Edale  135 miles
  • Early/mid April: Pennine Way from Edale to Kirk Yetholm (Scottish border) 270 miles
  • Early May: Scottish National Trail (leg 1) from Kirk Yeltholm to Edinburgh 80 miles
  • May: Scottish National Trail (leg 2) from Edinburgh to Milgavie (north of Glasgow) 51 miles
  • May: Scottish National Trail (leg 3) from Milgavie to Kingussie  125 miles
  • June:  Scottish National Trail (leg 4) from Kingussie to Cape Wrath 220 miles
  • June: Various paths and roads from Cape Wrath to Thurso  (haven’t measured distance yet)
  • End June:  Shetlands! (not yet planned as to how I actually walk to Herma Ness at the very top of the islands.  Suggestions welcome).

So that’s the outline, basically.  Just got to go and do it!  I finish work on 1st Feb, and get the train south about 10 days later.

It’s been amazing to be able to raise some money for the Mending Broken Hearts appeal already. I’ve nearly raised £500 so far. Thank you so much to those who have sponsored me.  I’d be super appreciative if anyone else would do so too – just go to my Virgin Money Giving page.

If you have any thoughts or advice about my route, please pitch in.

I have neglected to say how hugely supported and chuffed and encouraged and connected and happy I felt in getting so many comments, tweets, messages, texts after I announced my plan.  Thank you so much.

PS I am VERY VERY excited and it’s not long now!!!

14 thoughts on “My route

  1. I will be reading and watching with interest. I hope that you meet some characters along the way and record the conversation.

  2. Hi Flora
    I have been following your progress on this adventure and it must be so exciting as you get nearer to the big day. Although things like the adverse weather conditions (snow, floods!) might be a little nerve wracking – I wonder if you’ll become addicted to the weather reports or just go with the flow – hopefully not literally!

    As a bit of a girly girl myself (!) I am curious as to what you are going to be carrying round with you? Are you going to travel as light as possible. What little luxuries will you take with you?
    All the best

  3. Flora, amazing stuff! If you need our spare bedroom at all in the NW area, please just let me know. We’re in Stockport but always happy to do a collect and drop off 🙂

  4. Wow, what a walk!

    If you want company for a bit of the Scottish walk, or a roof or bath (!) in Edinburgh, do get in touch.

    I am planning to be in Ullapool for the Whitsun weekend, I think, and – believe it or not – I’m planning a week in the Shetlands – on Unst, the furthest north inhabited island – in May or June.

    Why are you missing Orkney? Given that you are starting on the Scillies, it struck me as an odd omission!

    Also, Trossachs is pronounced “Trossocks”… 😉

  5. Came across your blog by chance – I’m in Linlithgow for part of the week – so you will be walking right by! Give me a shout when you are close. Failing that, I’m out in the hills walking / biking most weekends – so might bump into you elsewhere. PS remember when you cross the border, you still have a long way to go … (bring your passport)

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