#CIPD12 links & stuff from my session

Supercharged enriched networkThis post is for anyone who was at the session I did today at the Social Media Hub in the CIPD Exhibition.

I mentioned a whole number of blogs and other things, so if you are interested in looking at those websites, here are the links.

Sinead Carville – she’s a fab HR Manager based over the water in Ireland.  She was meant to do this #CIPD12 slot but was unable to make it.  So please pop onto Twitter and connect up with Sinead.

My Hell is Other People. The first blog that made me sit up and take notice, and realise that blogs could be relevant, real, foul mouthed, brilliant, fun, useful, thought provoking.

British Business Bloggers.  A directory of UK based bloggers.  You can find all kinds of blogs listed here: training, HR in general, leadership, employment law….the full works.

You can see links to blogs I love in the ‘Inspirations’ tab on the menu/navigation bar on my blog, above.

Small Improvements is the online performance review software that I am trialling, and I first came across SI by reading about it on a blog called The Mix which is full of great case studies.

The Element is Ken Robinson’s book that I mentioned in connection to ‘finding your tribe’, and you can watch the master communicator in action online at TED talks, amongst other places.

Mervyn Dinnen, Gareth Jones, and Doug Shaw were the three people I mentioned who helped me to swim on Twitter when I was nervously paddling on the water’s edge.

Connecting HR is a fantastic social community of HR professionals, started by the very same Gareth Jones and also Jon Ingham. Every springtime there is an Unconference – well worth going to.

Kev Wyke – meeting Kev was my example of how Twitter helps with my professional development and with continuously improving what I do in my day job.

Google Sites was the platform I used for a Wiki.  It’s incredibly easy to use. Before then I used Wikispaces, but I have to say I preferred Google Sites. There’s lots of other alternatives out there though.

All Things in Moderation, “E-moderating” course.  The next online course starts on 12th November. What are you waiting for?  (I’m not on commission).  If you are actively engaged in helping people collaborate online – e.g. using Yammer, a social intranet, forums, or similar, then I highly recommend taking this course.

Finally, here’s the link to my actual presentation – I did it in Prezi and it will make absolutely no sense unless you were there, as its just a bunch of pictures.

I hope my session was useful, and if you’ve any more questions or tips, please do add a comment.

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