In praise of friendship

I got started blogging in April because of 4 things:

Friendships, geekiness, loving learning, and perspective.  I wrote about it here.

Over the last 7 months I’ve struggled to hold onto the latter.  But that’s consuming jobs for you.

However, the friendships bit has meant so much to me.  So much.  My friends, new and old, have been awesome. You’ve listened, supported, questioned, inspired.  You’ve made me cry, and made me howl with laughter.  

I read that Guardian article back in February or March, about the five regrets of the dying.  I’ve thought about it ever since.

One of the regrets was “I wish I’d stayed in touch with my friends“.  So far I give myself a D minus for the other four regrets, but I’m definitely happy about the friends one. I am ever so soppy about how much I love my friends.

I’m really rubbish at hugging, I forget birthdays, I don’t ring up every week.  But I want you all to know that you enrich my life.  And I hope I bring the odd bit of happiness to yours.  (Despite the lame hugs and lack of birthday cards).

Thank you.

6 thoughts on “In praise of friendship

  1. As my birthday is just the day before yours it is particularly lame (especially as you must be so riddled with excitement at your impending celebrations that you ought therefore to be in high spirits and the mood for sharing good wishes!!) However – I don’t mind – you’re aaaaalllll good and I love you just as you are! X

  2. You forgot my birthday but I love you the same. Thankful too that we probably speak on average every 3 weeks. Very pleased today for you x

  3. Bugger. Two friends immediately pop up and say how I forgot your birthdays. Well, hell, at least everyone else knows I’m telling the truth. 🙂
    Thanks for commenting Steve and Jen. You two must meet btw.

  4. Some of my dearest friends I have seen or spoken to in years but it doesn’t matter because they are rooted in my heart. I must say though that Facebook has made all the difference in making it easier and less formulaic to keep in touch.

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