Mug rescuers required

I have a lucky mug. It was given to me in 2008 by my lovely colleagues, when I left Bath Spa University.  It has a picture of the team on it. A great leaving present.

On a fairly regular basis I lose my mug.  Everyone gets fed up of my searches which start off with me accusing several innocent bystanders and usually end up in me finding the mug tucked away in my own food drawer. (Everyone needs a food drawer – who needs to file paper anymore?)

On Tuesday last week I arrived in work to find a sealed envelope on my keyboard. Inside was a photograph of my mug.  I had a quick check in my food drawer.   No mug.  We were in a kidnap situation! Mug kidnap

Unfortunately I had a really busy day. I couldn’t conduct a mug hunt.  I do have a day job as well as being a serial mug hunter.  Then on Wednesday morning, another note appeared.  Ransom demands were being made.

Ransom demand for my mug

I was unable to meet the ransom demands as I had a workshop to run.  When I got back to my desk, another note awaited me.

More threats and ransom demands

And on the walls of my office were photographs of the victim in various alarming situations. The mug crouching under a car wheel, in a bin, being posted off to Santa Claus…. you get the idea.

Evidence of mug torture

The week has ended without tearful reunion.  The mug is still kidnapped. I’ve done some detective work, but have been unsuccessful.  I had a culprit in mind, but strong denials have been issued. And the suspect has complained to HR (umm, that’s where I work).  Over to you. I need to crowdsource a rescue team.  Where is my poor mug?!  

Note: thanks to @kevwyke there is a rescue hashtag on twitter; #freeflorasmug

5 thoughts on “Mug rescuers required

  1. Flora I have to be quick, it’s your mug. I have accessed my mug Nappers email to send this. Please help me it’s horrible here. I’m scared of what might happen to me. The Mug Napper has eaten and drank the ransom in front of me.
    Got to go he’s coming, miss you
    Your Lucky Mug xx

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