In September I had two weeks holiday. On the first day of my break I switched my phone onto airplane mode, and left it on that setting for the whole two weeks. (Give or take checking on Andy Murray’s marvellous progress in the US Open). No calls, no work email, no personal email, no Twitter, no Facebook, no blog, no Pinterest, no texts, no IM, no Skype. Nothing. Just silence. Continue reading

Lost my coat and gained a ukulele

Connecting HR at the Spring

image courtesy of Jon Bartlett productions!

This week I went to my 4th ConnectingHR Unconference.  It’s a gathering of people who may or may not work in HR but who share an interest (and yes, the P word, passion) about improving organisations and their achievements, the workplace, the joy of working with other people.  That type of freaky stuff.  I’m one of them.  I won’t go into the whole low down of how the event is run, because others have done that already, and far better than me.  Here’s a super account of the day, written by Lorna Leeson:

I took one of our Account Directors who had (rather foolishly) expressed a desire to “know more about social” with me. When we walked through the doors of The Spring Project in Vauxhall, it was pretty bloody obvious we weren’t in Kansas anymore. There was no agenda, no ‘keynote speakers’, no handouts, no goody bag. I’m quite partial to a goody bag, but I’m equally partial to newness (did I mention?) so, despite feeling a bit like we’d gatecrashed a rave, we threw ourselves in.

Lorna’s account is well worth reading. Going back to my own experience, here’s a summary of what I found useful and enjoyable.

I loved:-

  1. The mixture of people.  I truly believe that we think better when we have the opportunity to learn from people from different fields. I’m not so into events where it is all people with the same-ish job title – it’s like eating porridge for starter, main course and pudding. I like the fact that at ConnectingHR there were HR people, practitioners, consultants, L&D and ODers, project managers, community managers,  a property manager, an operations manager, academics, and more.  An exciting 7 course tasting menu. Continue reading

It’s about time

So far I’ve been a commenter and poster on other people’s blogs. For example, I did a summary of my 2011 on Alison Chisnell’s superb blog. But I’ve finally decided to have a go myself.

Over the last couple of months I have been jotting down notes for blog post ideas. It’s really about time I got those thoughts down in a more articulate form.

But why?

What’s the point in all this blogging malarky?

1. Friendships

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